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Tonight, let's focus on using the telephone as a tool of recovery with your sponsor.  These days, I could not get along without my iPhone, but I hardly make any phone calls.m  There are so many other ways to communicate.  But especially early on, we are encouraged to make calls, and that is what we will discuss tonight.  Making phone calls and making calls to our sponsor.

where do you want to start?

Kick this topic off

How long have you had your current sponsor?

How often do you communicate (meet, talk, text, tweet, etc.)

How often do you use the telephone?

Do you call on the telephone more often or less often now compared to last year?  Why?

Do you have a set time that you call or do you call as needed?

What situations prompt a sponsor call?

Possible Reasons for Calling

We Have Calls!

jim q

Jesse From Worster

What was a memorable call you made?

What was the best call you made?

What was the worst call you made?

Do you like using the telephone?

What is good about phone communication?

What is bad about phone communication?



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