Sober During the Holidays - Recovered 458

Over the course of the last few weeks, many of us struggled to maintain our sobriety.  We will talk about and review why this was, what we did early on, and how we maintain our sobriety now.


Also, if you’re new and you haven’t yet been able to quit and you want this to be your last holiday in a fog, we will tell  you about our last holiday and how grateful we don’t have to do that anymore.  We know that you think you don’t have a choice, we didn’t have one either, but you have to believe us when we say there is a solution.


Your thoughts?

What has been your experience? what did the holidays use to be like?


What do you recommend for the new guy going through his first Holiday season?


Here are some suggested tips, what do you think, what has been your experience

Tips to Stay Sober During the Holidays

Final Thoughts


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