Monday, July 28, 2014

Transitional Housing and Sober Living - Recovered 513

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Let’s start at the beginning What Is A Halfway Recovery House? Why Stay In A Halfway Or 3/4 House? What does a 3/4 house look like? How do you find a ¾ house? Should you visit before checking in? What are the certifications? Who is qualified to run one? What about liability insurance? Who is in charge? What are the rules and guidelines? What about drug and alcohol use? Can you have overnight guests? Who is in charge of cleaning? What are the curfews? What are some of the other responsibilities? What are wake up times? Lights out? Is there drug testing? Are they safe? Are 12 step meeting s required? Are there house meetings? What do they look like? Conflict resolution? Are you required to have a job? How long can you stay? how much do they cost? Who should go? What are the benefits? What are the difficulties?

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Relapse and Coming Back Into the Fellowship - Recovered 512

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I think after a relapse, you have two options.

Do you just give in and sink deeper into the black pit you’ve fallen into? 

Or do you pull yourself up by your belt loops and resolve to right this temporary setback? 

These are the only two choices you have when you take a look at the reality of your situation.

To the outside person, the choice is clear.  Pick yourself up.

For those of us with the addiction, this is a difficult choice, why?

Have you ever relapsed?

What happened?

What was your experience?

Option one, that is sink deeper into the pit and continue drinking, is not the most desirable, although it certainly is the easiest.

What about the easier softer way.  

Why would someone decide to stay out?

What would prevent you from choosing to stay out?

What would make you uncomfortable enough to make the hard decision to get back into recovery?

Option two, on the other hand, is a tough choice to make.

Because you have been in the program before, you know this decision necessitates admitting that you’ve slipped and immediately seeking help to regain your sobriety. It also means you’ve got a great deal of hard work ahead of you.

Talk about your experience with this decision.

Talk about your experience of witnessing this decision made by others.

What hurdles?

Talk about the stigma of being a relapser?

Talk about the paranoia, that is, wondering what others are saying about you.

Talk about false pride, the fact that you now have less sobriety than your friends, your sponsees, etc.

Talk about not wanting to admit that you relapsed.

want to take some calls?



If you decide recovery, Where Do You Start?  

What should you do?

For the person coming off a relapse, what do you recommend?

What should be avoided?

Is it helpful to examine the process of your relapse?

Did you call your sponsor?  What was that like?

Should you change sponsors?

What if your sponsor fires you?

Talk about telling friends.

Talk about telling family members.

Talk about tell employers.

What about asking for forgiveness from these people, should you?

What about resisting that thought that I’ve been there, done that and I still relapsed, so why do the step work again?

Cab relapse be a positive thing?  How?  In what way?

The bottom line is that relapse isn’t the end of your recovery journey. It is what you decide to do immediately following relapse and continuing forward in your sobriety that matters. Keep in mind that gaining knowledge, practicing and honing your recovery skills, and surrounding yourself with people who support and encourage your recovery goals is all part of the process. With renewed commitment and dedication to sobriety, you can come back from relapse stronger than ever.

Final Thoughts?


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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Call In And Contribute To The Show

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On Monday July 21, our next studio episode will be on Relapse and Coming Back Into the Fellowship.  Call in and answer the following question...

What did you learn from your relapse?

You will definitely hear your voice contributing to the show during tomorrows episode!  Think of it as service work.  What you share may help someone else.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chairing Meetings and Other Service Work - Recovered 511

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Let’s kick off this episode with the basic question on chairing meetings.

Chris, What does a meeting chairperson do?

What is the most important thing a chair person does?  Shows up on time

What requirements are there to be a chairperson?


Is service work found in the big book or in the 12 and 12?

Why do we do service work?

How does service work affect you?

Talk about the spiritual component of service work.

What changes have you noticed in yourself as a result of service work?


Want to take some phone calls?

Can service work be done wrong?

Talk about motives relative to service work.

Is sponsoring someone servies work.

Is being a sponsee service work?

Is sharing at meetings service work?

Can not-sharing at a meeting be service work?


What has been you experience being a chairperson

Funniest moment

Scariest moment

Weirdest moment


Other service work available

AA vs alanon, is there a difference?

think outside the box, say anonymous donations, web site master, writing letters to editors

Role of the sponsor in service work


Can you do service work outside a meeting?


Can you do service work outside AA say at your school or work

Can you do service work for non AAs, does that count?


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Sunday, July 13, 2014

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Call In and Contribute to the Show


On Tuesday, July 15, 2014, our next studio episode will be on Chairing Meetings and Other Service Work.  Call in and answer the following question...

Why do you do service work?

Special App Owner Open Talk From Laura B. - Recovered 510

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Conventions - Recovered 509

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Our first conference or recovery conventions can be exciting..

It can also be a disaster, depending on your expectations.

Tonight, we will talk about our experience attending them

We will talk about what to expect, what to pack, what to leave at home

Let’s start at the beginning,

What is a recovery conference?

Where are they held?

How do you find out about them?

How long do they last?

What are some of the typical formats?

Do you have to attend everything?

Are there al-anon events?

What social activities?

Are there meetings available?

We have a full bank of calls,

Would you like to take some calls?


thoughts about what Bronte had to say

Want to take another call?

Alex - tab above

Can you purchase recovery material?

What other things/activities are there?

What are the costs

What has been your experience?

What conferences have you attended?

How were they structured?

What was your best experience?

What was your worst experience?

Best speaker?

Worst speaker?

What recommendations would you give to the newcomer?

What tips?

What to pack?


International in Atlanta 2015

TC Round up - October 31 - Nov 2 Anna and I will be speaking

any relationship?

Final Thoughts?


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